Move money in easy secure steps

Fast and easy you want to be more secure send and recives money sort time

01.Creat an account

Its very easy to create a bank account with Norfolkstandard. Fill and Provide all documents for the Account Creation process

02.Get bank account Number

After your Account Creation process, your information will be reviewed and your account created subsequently. you will be issued an account number and a bank routing number.

03.Send money

After All of these process is completely done, you can now start sending monry to our bank, local banks or making international wire transfers.

Why choose Norfolkstandard online platform

These are some reasons why Norfolkstandard should be your number one choice for your banking solutions

Professional Services

We innovate systematically with three Partners contribute their experience and skill.

Licensed & Certified

for over 20 years as a bank-like financial company,Norfolkstandard was granted an authorised securities dealer license in 1999 and then a banking license in 2010.

Live Support

We offer good customer service system with a customer form and a 24/7 livechat system

Safe & Secure

We place customers at the center of everything we do. We want to exceed customer expectations and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Norfolkstandard services worldwide

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

Money Transfer

Bank deposit

Online Shopping

Online payment

Move money worldwide and get loan for your startup

We facilitates fast and reliable wire transfer of money to any bank worldwide. you just need to have the swiss code and bank id of such bank. We also give different entrepreneural loans for business startups. you can apply for loan today for yor startup business by creating account with us.

Get started now

We are happy our business partner relationship buildup

Norfolkstandard core feature

We help you to transfer to any bank in the world, We also offer offer loan to small and mdium enterprises

Fraud detection

with our advanced cyber security knowledge and experts we guide against fraud of any kind

Support manager

We offer 24/7 support to our customers. you can use our email, livechat or call us directly.

Loan Services

We offer various loan packages for businesses, education and others.

Payment History

We Keep proper documentation of your transaction history for reference at any given time.

Our Team

Norfolkstandard heads

TR Jacobs


Angel july

Business Marketers

Herry Holand

operation officer

james Ragner

Corporate Expert

Aslent Rolo

Human resource Expert


Finance Experts


Finance Experts